The Communication Game was developed by Focus Games for NHS Education for Scotland (NES). The game helps frontline health & social care staff improve their knowledge and skills around communication, allowing them to support people with diverse communication support needs.

Communication is key to delivering safe, effective and person-centred services. Everyone has the right to express their views and be heard, regardless of how they communicate. To provide an inclusive service, it’s crucial that frontline staff communicate effectively with as many people as possible.

Small changes to our behaviour can help create an environment where as many people as possible can communicate effectively. The Communication Game is designed to catalyse these changes.

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Communication Game

The game is suitable for anyone working in health & social care with responsibility for interacting with service users, their carers and families. It can be used in many different ways to enhance learning and understanding.

It’s a competitive team game for between 4-12 players, and can be used by single or multi-disciplinary teams. The facilitator does not have to be an expert in communication support needs, in practice the game is self-supporting and needs very little intervention.

35 question cards

13 scenario cards

10 activity cards.

The game encourages reflective discussion and allows players to reflect on experiences, acquire knowledge and learn from each other. It offers practical ways to improve the communication skills of individuals, teams and organisations.

By playing the game, players should:

  • Improve their communication skills.
  • Increase their understanding of communication support needs.
  • Support service users, carers and their families to communicate in the way they prefer.
  • Implement lessons learned into their daily practice.

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